peoplePEOPLE is a culture and critical thinking course for young people with a proactive and promising profile, selected from schools in the Lisbon, Setúbal and Central Alentejo areas.

During one school year we promote monthly weekend residences as well as during the holidays, alternately in Espaço do Tempo and Herdade do Freixo do Meio.

We seek a balance between a strong cultural and artistic experience as well as dive into the context of sustainable agriculture. Students have a very intense calendar that includes a relationship not only with nature, hiking in the Alentejo region, taking care of an agro-forest, collaboration in various agricultural tasks, but also an involvement in the daily activities of O Espaço do Tempo, witnessing rehearsals and meeting some of the artists in residence, in an intense contact with art and culture.

However, the central body of the program consists of seminars and lectures with some of the most interesting figures in our society, which create a central axis of reflection. We seek to support talent and stimulate the appetite for culture, the environment, critical thinking and the functioning of society, by bringing the debate about the future into a group of young people with great potential.

After a first test year, we will deepen this experience, articulated around 5 axes: knowledge, creativity, rigor, initiative, resilience, and citizenship.