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PACAP 5 participants / Forum Dança

Curatorship by João Fiadeiro

PACAP is a training/creation programme geared towards students and professionals in artistic areas, who intend to invest in a period of advanced experimentation, harmonizing it with a theoretical investigation and the exercise of body and movement practices.

The participants will have the opportunity to develop a project, working for a certain time on a potential space of content condensation that will promote investigation, creation, and public presentation.

The programme will combine body practice classes, theoretical seminars led by artists and academics, and coaching, aiming to activate the participant’s resources, feed their processes, and allow an opportunity to test methods and discover paradigms, forms of collaboration and presentation, that configure a sketch of personal practice in the field of performing arts.

Each edition of the programme will have a duration of 4 to 6 months and will have the curatorship of an artist of the performative field. In this model, the exercise of maturity, of autonomy, and of a sense of self questioning, will be the values that will allow to guide an enlightened personal journey, based on a leveling and sharing relationship.

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