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Haze Gaze — Silvana Ivaldi

November 21, 2022 - November 27, 2022

Silvana Ivaldi_ Haze Gaze

Haze Gaze — Silvana Ivaldi

The pleasure principle: o Purgatório é o axioma. All composing lies there. Let me call this impulse hiding. I’m obsessed with myself. These ambiguous zones make me obsessed with myself. I witnessed an intense and passionate conversation. Perception always has an element of deception. There’s something rather irksome but also delicious about that, you say with a glint in your eye. Aren’t you obsessed with yourself? Great crimes are committed before mirrors; no one is ever the wiser. Et nous vivions de l’air du temps. Made in made. Your gaze is haze too. I take it that what finds partial expression in the various radical disruptions of academic ideals is sometimes a desire for a real Dionysian chaos. Até quando posso ficar contigo? I guess something like this needed to be said. Perhaps not so drunkenly. E tira forte il vento.*

Haze Gaze is the second part of a project that starts from Silvana Ivaldi’s free appropriation of the universe of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. After Dolce Still Nuovo – the first episode, based on the Hell chapter – comes Haze Gaze, dedicated to the Purgatory chapter. Haze Gaze is divided in two public moments: 1) the full and continuous reading of Dante’s Purgatory in the original Italian; 2) a performance created from Ivaldi’s experience with the poem.

*This text is an assemblage by Silvana Ivaldi from: Silvana Ivaldi, Madeline Gins, McKenzie Wark, Kenneth Goldsmith, Charles Aznavour, James Elkins, Kathy Acker e Raffaele Sacco.


About Silvana Ivaldi

Bordighera, 1987. Graduated in Fashion (FAUL), Master in Image Design (FBAUP), trained in styling by Istituto Marangoni (Milan) and in acting by SP – Escola de Teatro (São Paulo, Brazil), she explores and creates poetic forms through visual, performative and spectacular mediums. She is an artist, performer, actress, costume and graphic designer. She lived and worked in São Paulo, Brazil, between 2011 and 2014, where she worj«ked with Parlapatões, Patifes e Paspalhões, Maurício Paroni de Castro and Alvise Camozzi (theater) and Letícia Simões, Kapel Furman e Ana Carolina Teixeira Soares (cinema). She also co-created Metaxu – em oito (series of 8 short films based on Simone Weil’s work). In the last few years she has been working with: Pedro Barreiro, Ricardo B. Marques, Fernando Brito, André Uerba, Bruno Alexandre, André de Campos, Joana Castro e Diana Niepce. In 2017 she created her first solo, Uma fac ana mão, uma lira na outra and in 2020 her second, Dolce Still Nuovo. She founded two cultural associations, Sr. João and Activo Tóxico, with whom she works regularly. She is associated artist of Cão Solteiro.


November 21, 2022
November 27, 2022
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