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From rejoicing to pain (or vice-versa) — Tânia Carvalho

November 21 - November 26

Tânia Carvalho - From rejoicing to pain or vice-versa ©Rui Palma

From rejoicing to pain (or vice-versa) — Tânia Carvalho

Two years separate From rejoicing to pain (or vice versa) from a piece by Tânia Carvalho that premiered in Marseille one evening in January 2020. The name of this piece was Oneironauta. A name borrowed from those travelers capable of controlling their dreams, of shaping, for themselves alone, a world of images and meanings. There were seven dancers on stage. A number that, as is often the case in Tânia Carvalho’s works, sets the tone, translates an intention, betrays a demiurgic claim.

How many will be on stage to perform From rejoicing to pain (or vice versa)? To date, Tânia Carvalho does not know, or pretends not to know. Eleven or twelve, she says. But from one to the other, it’s a world away! And those who, like me, are lucky enough to know her would tend to see it as a cover-up.

The devil is in the detail, some will agree, but not only: this new piece could have been called “Oneirophrenia”, named after that clinical condition from another time, categorized by sensory deprivation due to lack of sleep. A most suggestive name which, associated with the number twelve, would not have failed to evoke to the amateurs of the Marseilles Tarot the card of the hanged man (XII), carrying an unequivocal meaning: isolation and illness.

Instead, the title of this new piece, From rejoicing to pain (or vice versa), sounds like a celebration of our emotions. A declaration of life, as we wage war.

Backwards, Tania Carvalho, as always.



Choreography and Artistic Direction Tânia Carvalho
Performers André Santos, Bruno Senune, Catarina Carvalho, Cláudio Vieira, Filipe Baracho, Luís Guerra, Matthieu Ehrlacher, Nina Botkay, Patricia Keleher, Tânia Carvalho
Light Design & Technical Direction Anatol Waschke
Sound Technician Juan Mesquita
Music Tânia Carvalho (tbc)
Costumes and Set TBA
Executive Direction Vítor Alves Brotas
Executive Production João Guimarães
Communication and Press Relations Sara Huberty Ramos
International Booking Colette de Turville
Production Agência 25
Coproduction La Briqueterie / Biennale du Val-de-Marne (France), Culturgest (Portugal), Théâtre Jacques Carat Cachan (France), Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli e Campo Alegre / Festival DDD (Portugal), Julidans Festival (Netherlands), Theatro Circo (Portugal), Estúdio 25 (Portugal).


About Tânia Carvalho

Tânia Carvalho was born in Viana do Castelo and lives in Lisbon. Best known as a choreographer, with a career spanning over 20 years, she also works in other artistic fields, such as music, drawing and film.

Her choreography work includes pieces for the Lyon Opera Ballet (Xylographie), the Company of Elders in London (I Walk, You Sing), the National Ballet of Portugal (S), the Paulo Ribeiro Company (How will I do this?), and Dançando com a Diferença (Doesdicon), among many others.

She has been developing several musical projects, of which stand out Madmud, Idiolecto and dubloc barulin. In 2018, she directed A Bag and a Stone – dance piece for screen, her first film.

In 2022, as part of the Portugal-France Cultural Season, the Théâtre de la Ville promoted a focus on her work, presenting several shows in Paris.

She was awarded with the Young Creators Award 2000, with Inicialmente Previsto, and received the 2012 Prémio Autores from the Portuguese Society of Authors, for Icosahedron (2012) and oneironaut (2021).


November 21
November 26
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