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Catarina e Melissa (residency)

March 21 - March 27


PLAYGROUND emerges from the experience of outdoor playing, by oneself and with others who were essential LIFE companions. Recreation as transcendent. An intellectual, emotional, sensory and physical HUMAN LEGACY registered within ourselves crossed with intergenerational amplitude and the main intention that gives it its soul — the GAME. From there, the dance emerges from the game and the game emerges from the dance. The undefinable game lies visible but lingers in immateriality and becomes itself an invigorating space of being, of discovering, of challenge. Within a constant dynamic a total state of PRESENCE is aimed, where the concepts of being a child and an adult lose all its relevance.

Catarina Campos studied Architecture while simultaneously dancing, she did the formation professionelle de danses urbaines at Flow Dance Academy Paris, the Complementary Formation at Juste Debout School Paris and the FAICC program at Companhia Instável. Dancer with a broad movement vision with its origins in street and club dances. Cocreator and dancer of TRES PAS SAR (2016), QUERENCIA (2017) and BOWND (2018). Dancer in |F| of Orchidaceae Dance Company and EXPEDIÇÃO (2019) of Mara Andrade. Creator of PELO MENOS 77. (2019). Performer and dancer at Jonas&Lander BATE FADO (2021).

Melissa Sousa studied Contemporary Dance Interpretation at UNEARTE in Caracas and Urban Dances at Peridance Capezio Center in New York City. Winner of several freestyle competitions in Hip Hop and House. As a dancer had professional
experiences with Sanrine Lescourant, Dana Foglia, Ladies of Hip Hop, Alvin Alley School, Jorge Gonçalves, Joclécio Azevedo, Catarina Campos and Marco da Silva Ferreira. Cocreator of BOWND (2018) and creator of EN EL VACÍO (2017). In 2021 is
a dancer in BATE FADO from Jonas&Lander and in ESPECULAR UMA COISA
ENTRE NÓS of Jorge Gonçalves.

Direção Artística e Coreografia: Catarina Campos
Apoio à Criação e Coreografia: Melissa Sousa
Interpretação e Movimento: Deeogo Oliveira, Ivana Duarte, Melissa Sousa e Nelson Teunis
Desenho de luz e Direção técnica: Marcelo Ribeiro
Composição Musical: Nelsoniq
Figurinos: Berta Cardoso
Apoio à dramaturgia: Lander Patrick
Produção: Maria Manuel Pinto
Estágio: Ana Reis

Organização: COMMON GROUND;
Coprodução: Teatro Municipal do Porto e Cão Danado — Cruzamentos Disciplinares
Residências de Coprodução: Espaço do Tempo; Programa de Residências Artísticas 2021/2022 do CAMPUS Paulo Cunha e Silva;
Parceiro Institucional: Governo de Portugal — Direção Geral das Artes
Parceiros de apoio à criação: Imaginarius Centro de Criação e Festival Imaginarius 2020; Complexo Desportivo do Colégio de Lamas; Ecos Urbanos — Oliva Creative Factory; CRL — Central Elétrica (Circolando); Companhia Instável;
Agradecimentos: Patrícia Soares; Equipa PULSO (Companhia Instável);


March 21
March 27
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