We will not have the charm of an ancestral cloister. We will not have a gaze at the Alentejo landscape. Not even a window that gets us suspended every time we open it. So, how to keep the spirit of the place?

In the hustle and bustle of the changes of a busy time, we decided for comfort, the excellence of the laboratory and our supporting team.

An artistic residence is today, increasingly, a demanding place of experimentation and production. At a time when creation has increasingly complex needs, and less and less production time, the challenge is to make the best out of that time and keep up with those needs.

Over the years we have been learning how to choose projects and how to combine creative teams, from the most to the least experienced, from Portugal and abroad , from dance to theater, from here and from there. We understood what they needed, what they didn’t, what food they wanted to eat (a huge puzzle of our daily lives) and, above all, the working conditions the artists were looking for. Little by little we understood the complexity of their “user manual” as well as their idiosyncrasies. And so was born a way of welcoming, providing a creative bubble.

Therefore, at the Magina’s old workshop, our new home, we enter through the kitchen, the smell of curry and mint, and who we see first is Maria, our cook and, behind the next glass door, someone in the office, eager to help. There is a patio with potted olive trees, but there is also rosemary, an orange tree and even a lemon tree.

Because among the things that never change, perhaps the most important one is to feel at home, even temporarily.