The biggest challenge facing our country is its own development and the ability to emerge from an endemic system of stagnation where countless fundamental reforms are yet to be made, the asymmetry between rich and poor is stark and poverty is still constant. In the absence of many responses from the political system, we are witnessing more and more an awakening of citizens to a very important purpose in reflection and intervention in the most diverse causes that permeate our life in society. These conferences are our small contribution.

Looking for the answer in the training of these same citizens, the debate and the crossing of ideas is of central importance. The title of this debate cycle is WE HAVE AND WE DON’T KNOW and the structure that will guide it is the very structure of the debate that society seeks: not only to discuss problems and their solution, but above all to discuss the opportunities that are within our reach to build a better future.

WE HAVE AND DON’T KNOW, because the lack of culture, education and citizenship are today an opaque blindfold that does not allow us to discover so many and many opportunities that are around us. We entered and exited crises because we did not build solid models based on these assumptions. We would like to debate in a logic of common sense and knowledge, with experienced contributions but also new faces and new ideas. We will discuss the future, the society we would like to live in and the country model we envision. And we will hear those who think without fixed narratives.

The conferences will take place monthly, on a Saturday morning, between January and July 2020 at Espaço do Tempo in Montemor-o-Novo and will have 3 guests, being conducted by Ana Sousa Dias. After a moment of meeting from 10:00 around a second coffee and a reading of the newspaper, the conference starts at 10:30 and extends until 13:30, including a generous time of dialogue with the public . The conferences will be broadcast in streaming through our Facebook page, and later hosted on a youtube channel and published online, on our website. Curatorship by Rui Horta.