Mala Voadora

mala voadora was founded by Jorge Andrade and José Capela and presented its first show in 2003. In addition to Portugal, its shows were presented in Germany, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Cape Verde, Scotland, Slovenia, United States of America, Finland, France, Greece, England, Lebanon, Luxembourg and Poland. In 2013, the building in Rua do Almada, Porto, was opened.

In 2018, mala voadora is living a new phase of its journey, in which creates and programs in an integrated way. If we are a ‘theatre company that programs’ the questions are: (1) what is programming when artists are doing it? Which specifity can a program have that enhances the specific circumstance of being done by a theatre company? (2) how does a company that does programming do shows? And above all: (3) how can the two previous questions interrelate?